Curriculum vitae

A German based and employed web developer from NRW.

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Born 1992 in Gelsenkirchen he has been working in the digital media since 2009.

Ambitious, willing to learn and passionate developer with fun and interest in new technologies. He feels most comfortable in frontend dev as well as in the design of web and print media.

The journey began with a passion for creativity and a hobby for drawing, design and the dedication to art. After completing my education as a design assistant in digital and print media in 2012, I decided to extend my digital and technical skills in addition to the creative part.I completed a further training as an IT specialist in the field of application development in order to create a symbiosis between technology and design.

I quickly realized that there was more to learn besides creativity on the web and that the world of programming languages offers endless possibilities. It fascinated me still today.

At the moment I work as a developer at a startup company in Essen. Mostly I deal with frontend things and JavaScript. Especially I build things with react.js. Besides the frontend development I follow current web trends in articles and blogs. I am an enthusiastic user of the newsreader app Feedly and love RSS feeds. I like to attend online courses for further education and often take part in meetups, conferences, seminars, camps and workshops. I am happy to pass on my acquired knowledge at event talks. I like the variety and the people who burn with enthusiasm for their work.

Besides topics of frontend development and the related UI/UX I am interested in general topics like SEO and performance. Sports, cooking or books about self-organization and biographies of great personalities offer variety from everyday life.

As a JavaScript enthusiast I am interested in the basics of the language, especially in UI frameworks, their ecosystems and toolings.

I like to look at successful and beautiful web projects. Code best practices, patterns and code quality a la clean code play an important role in my everyday life as a developer.

2012 I got to know the Content Management System Contao with its various programming possibilities as an editor and developer and have been involved in the community.